Monday, 25 January 2016

Compliments to the new season people, I have a lot for you to see in 2016 or you can say 20success.

VR6 comes from a combination of V engine (German V-Motor) & also a German word called Reihenmotor (meaning inline engine) is what a VR6 is made of.
Phot Cred: Sthesh

The 2.8 litre car has six cylinders with a straight line design that is separated by two rows, it has a 24 valve capability that makes it very unique from all the other Volkswagen deigns that they have created.
Photo Cred: Sthesh

It comes from a family of Internal Combustion Engines (ICE) with also the VR5 - this is process of high temperature between a fuel & an oxidant (Redox), it is said that a combustion in a fire produces the flame. So imagine that happening inside six cylinders, the power it produces on the car speed and capability.
Photo Cred: Sthesh
In the township is it known as voora-varasa or also iWors ye R6, these names come from the power and the sound this car makes. We love iVoora in the location and also it is known that when you have this car then you a good driver, this is a belief that has been there for years and years. They will usually call you Michael Schumacher as we all know the skills he had when it comes to driving. This car is like a lion in the jungle, everyone knows that the VR6 the king because of how it roars. Its lous roar comes from the structure of the engine, which has a chain that makes it to be loud - you usually hear its sound before it even seeing it.

Check out this video and you will get the picture I.m portraying.

As you heard the power must have blown you away & this is what we love about the Voora-varasa and that's why it's called the Beast.

Thursday, 3 September 2015


Smart, savvy and the mostly define small bastard with a big heart.

Photo Cred : Sithembiso Kubeka
This is the VW Golf which was created in 1974 by the Germans. This car was more successful than the Beetle. The inspiration for this car comes from the Gulf Stream concept. Because of its lightweight nature, it becomes an advantage for the speed it produces. 

Photo Cred : Sithembiso Kubeka
The Golf was introduced to the South African market in 1984. In the different townships we see this car every hour because of the love it has gained. It’s like a Chuck Taylor All-Star and I feel like this car has dominated more than amaKipKip.

Photo Cred : Sithembiso Kubeka
Need to get from one place to another quick? The Golf is your guy. This car has good standards and if you are a fan of good looking cars, then you can express your definition of what good looks like with this car.

Photo Cred : Sithembiso Kubeka
Get the Golf and you will be part of the fast community. 

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Woza E’khoneni

Ngikhulele in different townships with many cultures that capture the essence of township life. And in my experience there is this one corner of every township were you get to be updated on what’s happening, it’s like the real goboza show.

The name E’khoneni is inspired by the corner and the car stories you find in every township which this blog is representing

In the hood we find that there are so many nicknames given to cars that have different meanings to them at that same time they look like they don’t go long distances because its scrap but the performance says a lot. Let’s go down memory lane for a second, and think for a moment about the first car nickname you heard of E’khoneni. Sure you remember!

We have amaGents ekasi that have groups of cars and you fascinate of being with them, to hear their stories behind formulating that group of certain cars like AmaCara Cara, MK1’s and the rest.
You will be updated on what cars are the most dominating ekasi also what style do people think of when you pop up driving that car and the kind of sound which amaGents like to jam with in your car which is appealing to them as they enjoy your company.

In every kasi, there is always that one guy who fixes cars, no matter how big the problem is, he’ll just fix it. He makes sure ukuthi yonkinto ihamba kahle, and also install isound that would get the neighbourhood dancing.

Service centres are plentiful ekasi, amaJita don’t have to stress about where to take their cars. Also the scrap yard as the main parts supply sources, makes it easy on the pocket.

My love for izimoto wasn’t that much until I went into a spinning 325is which grabbed my attention with how the people ekasi interpret the root of cars. You find that ekasi amagama for cars come from a certain inspiration well here is where you will find some cool insights on why was that car named that way futhi uzothola iStyler ngobe kuzoba Mnandi.